Dear David,

Today I deposited my first check from Bank of America’s reverse mortgage. What a relief that was! 
It has certainly made a big difference in my life and in the lives of several members of my family.

I want to thank you for your essential role in bringing all this about. You explained it well and
carefully. You led me through all the paperwork and expedited matters as rapidly as possible.
You answered each and every phone call and question and I am very glad for your kind assistance.

Wishing you every success, 
Suzanne Mott   Naples, FL

Dear David,

Today we met with you and notary Joni Yaciuk to close on our reverse mortgage. I don’t mind telling
this is not my idea of spending a Wednesday afternoon, what with all the paperwork and that endless
of your name. I realize that there are a lot of things to be covered in a closing such as this and thanks
to you 
and Joni it all went smoothly. We have interviewed other reverse mortgage representatives but we chose
Bank of America because of you (sic) presentation and expertise. From the very beginning you handled
case in a very professional manner as we entered into a major unknown area. You put two senior
at ease and confident we were making the right decision as we moved forward with
a reverse mortgage. Thank you for going the extra mile.

Harold and Ginny Bergdall   Naples, FL​

To Whom it May Concern,

I had the opportunity to be involved with Mr. David Edel on two separate Reverse Mortgages.
We never met in person – however, because of his knowledge of the business, coaching and
[his] communication skills, he made this entire process stress free. I can recommend him,
and would engage his services again.  

​Thanks again, 
Hans J.   Rocky Mount, NC

To Whom it May Concern,

We don’t even know where to begin to thank you for all the invaluable help that your
employee David Edel has given us. From the start, David had implemented and
processed our application for a reverse mortgage. Needless to say, it was a very
big endeavor and David never tired of answering our many questions and with
an enormous amount of patience guided us through the entire procedure. It took
many steps and his professionalism, knowledge, understanding and humanity saw
us through it to the end. Even now, after the fact, he is still following up on any related
requests. We have always thought very highly of Bank of America and especially now
with this wonderful experience with this reverse mortgage we can only say again
thank you so very much for being the bank that you are and for David Edel.

Sylvia and Cal F.   Naples, FL​

Dear Mr. Edel,

Thank you for the lovely flowers and the most interesting book.
You added a touch of class to our business meeting.
I am very glad to have found you!

Rina Bailey   Naples, FL


I just wanted to pass this THANK YOU on to you for your total involvement with
the Rialto Home mortgage for my father-in-law. Your knowledge and professionalism
did not go unnoticed. This gave both of us a comfort level that we were dealing with
someone who takes his profession seriously, and cares, and I could tell that from our
first meeting together! Please do not hesitate asking, if any form of a reference is ever
needed, and we will certainly pass your name on for those that would need the
same type of help.

Take care,
Joe De Paulo   Bolingbrook, IL

Dear Mr. Szarek – Re: David Edel,

I would be remiss if I didn’t write concerning David’s marketing style and follow-up regarding
my 'Reverse Mtg.' 
As a marketing person, I value another person like David that spends
considerable time explaining the process and closing the sale with class. He offered a
great close: “It is better to live richly rather than to die rich.”

Most Sincerely,
Bob A.  
Naples, FL

Dr Ms Landis,

I know you are aware of the transaction we are completing with your bank because David
has mentioned your name often during the process and we feel certain that the remarks
we are compelled to make on his behalf will be old hat to you, but we are pleased to make
them… Working with David has been a really pleasant experience and we have become friends;
we have never bought a thing or service from anyone who sincerely cared about our welfare
so honestly. He has always been pleasantly aggressive in pursuing our transaction and his
continual concern for us has been unique and outstanding. We will be willing to recommend
him to anyone seeking the expert services he can perform. 
David might have told you that
I know a great deal about banking having founded a national bank in Syracuse N.Y., but
I never told him that I met only a few individuals as high calibered (sic) as he.

Esther and Chester Sagenkahn  
Naples, FL

Dear David,

Dieter and I thank you for the flowers and the book (very interesting).
We would love to meet your sons, they are lucky to have you.
You are a very good dad. Please come and visit again.

Simone G.   Naples, FL

Dear David,

Thank you for your help. I could not have accomplished my reverse mortgage without you.

Your greatest gifts to me were your patience, ability to communicate clearly and
your listening skills. 
I feel I’ve gained a friend. Thank you.

Mary Elizabeth Bossory   
Naples, FL

Dear Ms. Markham,

This note is to commend our Reverse Mortgage Loan Officer, David Edel, for a job well done.
He explained the product during our initial meeting and answered all our questions and concerns. 
He then expedited the bank process keeping us informed by phone – all the way. When there was
a 'glitch' in our loan approval from the Washington office, he intervened and after several calls –
straightened it out. 
Our final signing took place on our own home – it was a breeze.

Earl and Barbara B.  
Marco Island, FL

Dear Ms. Markham,

I want to thank you for sending David to us for our reverse mortgage.
He made everything run smoothly and was always at the end of the phone
to alleviate any fears that came up. He also had some great professionals
who worked with him on other parts of the process. All in all it went great
but also fast. Thanks for having a great team.


Susan H.   Fort Myers, FL


I don’t know what the customary thing is to do at this time, but I want to do more
than to say 'Thank You' for all your hard work. As you said, we also had some good laughs. 
We had a relaxed and friendly business association – which made it easy for me, not knowing
a lot about the business world. You sure made it easy.

Many thanks,
Irene Milkey   Bonita Springs, FL

Dear David,

Thank you for all you’ve done to complete my reverse mortgage.
After having spoken with a few local reverse mortgage people, I am
so glad I chose you. Even though we did this long distance, everything
went very smoothly. Thank you for being patient and answering all
my questions.  I felt like I was in good hands.

Rebecca Maier   Marblehead, MA

Dear David,

I want to say thank you for all your help in obtaining my mortgage, which gave me peace of mind. 
You were so professional & knowledgeable in all matters, it was a pleasure to work with you. 
I would recommend you very highly to any one!

Alice Fish  
Naples, FL

Mr. Edel,

I want to thank you, again, for your unfailing help in stepping me through the Reverse Mortgage process.

Your professionalism, dedication to your work, patience, honesty and kindness to me throughout this time
will always be remembered and appreciated. 
I would not hesitate to recommend Reverse Mortgage to
any of my friends, as long as you are in charge. 
Mr. Edel, I do nominate you for SAINTHOOD.

Nancy Breckenridge  
Naples, FL

Dear David,

We thank you very much for your many courtesies since the inception of our request
to be considered for Bank of America’s Reverse Mortgage, through the lengthy process
leading to the closing at our home a few days ago. We await receipt of our welcome kit
and look forward to completing the confidential survey, which will be our pleasure to
forward to you, attesting to your cooperation and excellent attention to each and every
detail of the process. 
I have just finished your 'Thoughts from Dad' and I am sure to
reread it often, since it is so filled with behavioral concepts that should not be forgotten.
I am sure Joshua and Micah refer to it often. Your thoughtful note on the first page is much
We again wish you the happiest of New Years and look forward to our next meeting.

Most Sincerely,
Earl and Gloria B.   Marco Island, FL

Dear David,

Sorry to be so late in thanking you for all the help, support and kindness in helping me
to get the Reverse Mortgage. It was such a help meeting with my daughters. Your help
with the (illegible) was so appreciated. I felt at times you went beyond the call. Not sure I
could have got thru all the 'red tape' without your assistance. 
Again thanks and all the best
to you. 
I would recommend you to any of my friends that are looking at Reverse Mortgage.

Mary Ellen Boyer   Naples, FL

Dear David,

During all of the 'sign-a-thon' I hardly noticed the flower bouquet. It wasn’t until I returned
from picking a friend up at the airport that I noticed the vibrant colors. It prompted me to
select this note card to say a great big Thank You for all your help, the venison, and
now the bouquet and the copy of your book. I feel you’ve given us a part of yourself.

Deepest thanks,
Tom & Carolyn McPherson


Thank you for all your kindness and the wonderful closing you presented, which made
the experience simple and easy to do. Thank you for the flowers as it was very sweet and thoughtful of you. I wish you much success with your book and will find time to read it.

Once again thank you for your kindness and patience with me, 
Joanie M.   

Dear David,

First off, I want to thank you for all the wonderful help while taking care of the reverse mortgage
and how quickly it was done. What a relief. Next, I truly appreciated the flowers and especially
your book which I have read over half of, and found to be so helpful and informative. 
I am hoping that my son John will read it one day. Unfortunately he did not have a father
to guide him – your book could be a help. Your piano concert was truly a thrill for me as it has
been so long since I have heard it played. It was a beautiful day and a lot was accomplished.
Many thanks for everything.  I hope to be able to see you again one day when I return in the fall.

Pearl P.​

also from Pearl

Dear David,

Your birthday note found me in Canada at my summer house.

Your thoughtfulness was so appreciated. I would have loved to hear your birthday song.

I am having a lovely summer. Hope you are also. I expect to return to Naples October 7th.
I have a friend interested in a reverse mortgage. I have been singing your praises.
Take care. I hope to see you in the fall.

Pearl P.


How wise is the man who understands what God has given us – namely 'the present!'
You have encompassed the essence of greatest philosophers of time.

Thank you!
Joanie M.   

Dear David,

Thank you for making this process so much easier. 
The flowers express your generous kindness and I am saving your book for future reading.
I have returned the survey with a note that Bank of America has done well in hiring you. 
Best wishes to you and your future with Bank of America.



To: David Edel,

I am writing to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for the way you
processed my Reverse Mortgage recently. It was done on a timely basis and
you handled the hills and valleys of the process very professionally. I was never
in doubt that you were not on top of the process continually and I appreciated
your frequent updates of the progress. Your knowledge and confidence in
your job shows. I shall not hesitate to recommend you to my friends.

William E. Delmas   Naples, FL  

“David Edel was a knowledgeable, courteous gentleman.”

Minnie B. K.​


To: David Edel,

A man’s success is the result of striving for excellence, hard work, learning from failure,
loyalty and persistence. David, my boy, you’ve got the whole package. I’m honored to know
a man of your caliber. Maybe you can buy me lunch one day and will consider time spent with
me payment enough. Without kidding any further, you are my 'go-to man' on HECM referrals…
you will make money from our relationship.

Bobby N.   Naples, FL  

“Highly pleased with loan officer.”

James B. 



Thank you for having David Edel on your team as a top Reverse Mortgage Loan Officer.

He puts the customer at ease in an unknown phase of his most precious belonging… his home.

David Edel represents Bank of America but he represents you in your position. I would give him an A+. 
Credit where credit is due. 
I was surprised at the efficiency and alacrity at which the loan proceeded
and the final outcome was a “hurray!” 

Thank you again,
Jean V.  
Naples, FL

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