Re: David

Our customers love working with David. His personal touch, attention to detail, and sound
knowledge of the reverse mortgage market have built him a great reputation in the marketplace. 
In this lending environment, you NEED to be working with a consummate professional like David. 

Michael Hemingway   Emery Federal Credit Union; Naples, FL

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To: Lindy Markham

I have been a notary / signing agent for around eight years and I would like to let you know
that I very much appreciate working with Mr. David Edel. He is a very professional, caring and
intelligent loan officer. The faces of the female borrowers shine when David shows up with flowers
for them at their closing. He is there to answer the borrower’s questions and make sure they feel
comfortable in the process. There are too many times when loan officers do not show at the closing.
I work with many title companies from all over the U.S. and therefore all of the big lenders, as well.
Therefore, when I meet a loan officer who cares about his clients, like Mr. Edel does, it makes my job
much more pleasurable. I felt it was important to let you know that you have a definite asset having
Mr. Edel working with Bank of America.

Joni C Yaciuk   Joni's Mobile Notary; Cape Coral, FL

To: David

David, Thanks for your leadership and contribution to the Grow Your Business Initiative
Your ideas, feedback and personal experiences were key to the successful launch of this program.

Bill Zielke   Regional Vice President with Bank of America; Charlotte, NC

To: David

Congratulations David on your Great Success! I’m very happy for you, and not surprised
by your wonderful standing with Reverse Mortgages! You really give the customers the time
they need to make very difficult decisions and the information they need to feel comfortable with
going forward. You’re an Asset to the business, and I’m proud to have you as my partner!

Very sincerely,

Lori Boyle   Bank Center Manager with Bank of America; Bonita Springs, FL

To: David 

David, thank you so much for the hard work that you did for this referral and for
the recognition you sent. I appreciate it. Mrs. S. couldn’t say enough nice things
about you and her experience. At first she was like most customers that I’ve seen –
very hesitant about reverse mortgage, but after speaking with you she was hooked. 


Have a great day.

Joseph P. LaPorte   Personal Banker with Bank of America; Naples, FL

To: David

David, we can always depend on your great customer service, both internally and externally.

Terry Jacobs   Assistant Manager with Bank of America; Naples, FL

To: David 

Dave – congrats on your national recognition! [Ranking in the top 10 out of 400 Reverse Mortgage Loan Officers in the country.] I know this email is tardy based on April results, but I know you will be tops in May as well. Congrats on your consistent and excellent performance! I used to challenge Lindy with the question "What would your team production be if you had 75% Dave Edel’s"? I wish we could clone you. Congrats on your success. Hope you are doing well. Simply a note to say hello and recognition due when recognition earned. Great job sir.

Bob Szarek   Regional Vice President at Bank of America   

To: David

Your loyalty and spirit of partnering have been unmatched and it has
been our sincere pleasure to work with you, both with Bank of America
and Liberty Reverse / Generation before that. We sincerely hope to have
an opportunity to cross paths again in the near future.

Best of luck,

Randy E. Bradley   Executive Vice President at National Closing Solutions; Rocklin, CA

To: David 

It was always a pleasure working with you, David! Thank you for your partnership,
support with customers, your personal commitment and friendship. I wish you luck
and success in your life. I will miss you.

Teresa Serrate   Assistant Manager with Bank of America; Naples, FL   

To: David

Thank you for your professionalism and the care you take with
the customers we refer to you. You are a pleasure to work with.

Chris Boorman   Wells Fargo; Fort Myers, FL

To: David 

All the best to you!!! I will miss you; you were an asset to Bank of America
and a great person to work with. Please keep in touch.

Ana Pernas   Personal Banker with Bank of America; Marco Island, FL   

To: David

You will be very much missed, David! And I thank you for the exceptional
customer service and dedication you provided to our customers! 
Best of luck in all your future endeavors and please keep in touch!

Sara Galime   Personal Banker with Bank of America; Naples, FL

To: David 

It has been a pleasure. Your dedication to the customer has been great. 
We will miss you dearly.

Todd Dukes   Bank Center Manager at Bank of America; Marco Island, FL   

To: David

Good luck in your new adventures! Thank you for your great partnership, and the
new company (whomever that may be) will be lucky to have you. You will be missed!

Denise Adams (and Team)   Bank Center Manager at Bank of America; Naples, FL

To: David 

David, it has been a true pleasure to have worked with you. 
Bank of America is losing a real asset. I wish you only the best!

Victor Delgado   Personal Banker with Bank of America; Naples, FL   

To: David

Best of luck to you in your future endeavors!!! Thank you for everything
you’ve done to contribute to the success of our banking center.

Gail Heath   Assistant Vice President with Bank of America; Naples, FL

To: David 

THANK YOU DAVID! You’re the one that brought light to our banking centers with
your smile, humor and simplicity – not to mention the exceptional job you did throughout
the years that I’ve know you. From the Banking Center to Island Pub, you’re an amazing guy
all around. Best of Luck in every single step you take my FRIEND!

Clayton Fane   Personal Banker with Bank of America; Naples, FL   

To: David

I was hoping this wouldn’t happen… Best of luck to you. It was my pleasure working with you. 
Thank you for all your patience and your willingness to teach me about the reverse mortgage
product. You truly enhanced many lives. Keep in touch and hope to see you around.

Ariani Fidalgo   Personal Banker with Bank of America; Naples, FL

To: David

Thanks for your partnership. I’m sorry to see you go. You’re an excellent salesman, but more
importantly, you’re an outstanding person to work with. Good luck in your future pursuits – with
your skills and personality, I know you’ll probably end up in a bigger and better position anyway.


Michael Eovino   Personal Banker with Bank of America; Naples, FL

To: David

You were wonderful to work with! I hope we still get to see your smiling face.
It has been a pleasure and I wish you happiness and success in your future endeavors.

Rachel Schenk   Assistant Manager with Bank of America; Marco Island, FL

To: David

It was completely an honor working with you! You were great! It was always a joy
to send you over reverse mortgage referrals. Do not change your way of being. 
I know you will be successful with any institution you get with. We all wish you the best also. 
Please remember you have a friend here if you need anything! Thank you and good luck!

Onel Abreu   Personal Banker with Bank of America; Naples, FL

To: David

Hello… thank you so much for the time you take to communicate, and for working
the Jerry M. Reverse Mortgage through so quickly, professionally and expeditiously.
I appreciate your efforts very much. It was great news hearing of the closing and I am
hoping to gather more. I’m most eager to know when the mailers will be available through
the Lender Office because I would like to market for you and see what we can turn up.


Bill Boleyn   Mortgage Loan Officer with Bank of America; Cape Coral, FL

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